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Patient Feedback

“After being diagnosed with mesothelioma there was of course an initial shock as the reality of it sank in. There followed a great amount of concern and confusion as to ‘where do I go from here?’. An advisor arrived and answered many questions and explained what I was entitled to. Without this I was totally unaware of any assistance and felt relieved that there were people available to discuss every aspect of my future. Many thanks to LASAG for taking the time to palliate an otherwise devastating illness.”

Terry Elliot

“Marika, I have benefited greatly from your visits which have become an essential lifeline for me as a cancer sufferer. The charity is a very important part of the overall support required by patients affected by asbestos related diseases.”

Andy Nicholson

“We would like to thank you and say how grateful we are for your support and coming to visit us so promptly following our phone call to your office. Also for your expertise and the efficient way you dealt with the filling out of the countless forms on the day you came to see us. We appreciate the fact that we will be able to contact you for any help and advice that we may need in the future. You are continuing to do wonderful work and it is so reassuring to know that there is someone who has genuine knowledge of our situation to turn to for expert help and advice. Many thanks.”

Tony & Peggy Old

“I was given a booklet about LASAG when my diagnosis was confirmed of Mesothelioma so gave them a call and was contacted by Marika. We made an appointment and she came to see me at my house and I was really impressed with her knowledge that she had about cancer and what LASAG could do to help me. All my options were explained to me in clear layman’s terms and Marika helped me fill in all the forms needed to put a claim in for compensation, she also called the DWP and made a claim on my behalf for PIP. Once this was done she gave me my options for contacting a solicitor so that I could pursue a civil compensation claim. I am very grateful to LASAG as you need support at a time like this and Marika has given support and advice ever since.”


“Yvonne came to see us. She was very helpful giving us all the advice on welfare benefits and other support numbers to help make things easier. She was in regular contact with visits and phone calls. Indeed all through Norman’s treatment and end of life and his passing, the LASAG team have been brilliant. I still get phone calls asking me how I am.”

Valerie Humphrey

“I have referred several mesothelioma patients to the above group for help and advice with claiming compensation and benefits relating to their disease”

“The advisors are retired Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists and due to this their professional knowledge and experience of mesothelioma is extensive.”

“I have had nothing but positive feedback from my patients who have been helped by LASAG. From my perspective I feel that because the service is run by professionals who I know and trust, I can refer patients to them confident in the knowledge that they will be given the best advice and support.”

Denise Hodges, Macmillan Lung Clinical Nurse Specialist